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about the event

Ultra-Trail® Ninghai

Ultra-Trail® Ninghai started in 2013. It is a trail race held in East China’s mountain area.

Ninghai is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Four hundred years ago, Xu Xiake, a travel writer in ancient China, started his 34-year-long great journey from here and traveled throughout China. And now, Ninghai possesses China’s first 500-kilometer-long hiking trail that meets the national standard. This primordial natural trail has received numerous outdoor enthusiasts.

Ultra-Trail® Ninghai’s race course coincides with part of this hiking trail in the western mountain area of Ninghai. It passes through primordial forests, streams, mountains, and bamboo forests, offering the participants an excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural landscape of the southern part of the Yangtze Delta and the authentic mountain feeling.

Ultra-Trail® Ninghai



Ultra-Trail® Ninghai is not only a competition but also a great chance to explore and discover more about who you are on the beautiful race course.

Respect for nature

There are many protected animal species and rare plants along the race course. Since our ecological system is getting more and more fragile, our race aims to foster respect for the environment through trail running.

Connect the world

We aim to connect Ninghai and the mountain culture of the southern part of the Yangtze Delta closely with the world through the race.